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The new BMW 1 Series F20 teased – One Origin. Two Originals.

BMW released the first official teaser with the new BMW 1 Series F20, a model with one origin but however two originals, as the new motto claims. As you can see, the teaser photo presents two covered vehicles, two models with different personalities, one artistic and one dynamic.

BMW 1 Series F20 teaser

BMW 1 Series F20 teaser

Of course, all this nice wrapped story has a translation into automotive terms, thus, expect to see a quite big difference between the two versions of the new BMW 1 Series F20.

If you missed it, then we have to remind you that the new BMW 1 Series F20 is set to debut at the upcoming Frankfurt Auto Show this fall. Entering you will be also able to enter a contest and win an exclusive “One Origin. Two Originals” edition iPad 2.

Alongside the fresh teaser and the opportunity to enter the contest, you will be also able to see a series of videos with the siblings. Actually, all the content on the special website refers to duality and the subtitle says it all: “It’s all about character”.


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  1. I like 1-series very much, and new F20 will be probably very good car, as previous model is. But I want to buy new F30 (3-series) as my family is growing šŸ˜‰ 1-series is great (especially coupe and cabrio) and will be nice to see it on the roads. Other premium car brands have some interesting cars (especially Audi A3, Lexus CT and Volvo C30), but for me BMW 1 is “Number One” in its class.

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