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BMW M-Power collects impressions on the M5 Concept from Shanghai

The M-Power division of the Bavarians from BMW recently released a video promoting the BMW M5 Concept earlier revealed at the Shanghai Auto Show. The M5 Concept is not the production-ready version of the upcoming BMW M5 F10 as there are still some modifications to be made but largely the concept revealed in China reflects the appearance of the next-generation M5.

BMW M5 Concept

BMW M5 Concept

The new BMW M5 F10 is scheduled to enter the production later this year while in about one month, the Germans will officially unveil the series version of the new M5, a model based on the current 5 Series F10 generation. Few people had the opportunity to see the M5 Concept before the unveiling event in Shanghai and their opinions are included in the following video.

Dr. Kay Segler, President of BMW M GmbH claims that the BMW M5 Concept fits perfectly the country where they decided to reveal the model as everyone would like to drive the German sporty car.

The few people who had the opportunity to see the German prototype before the unveiling event stated that their assumptions proved to be true and the new M5 F10 will surely be a potent rival for the competitors.


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