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VIDEO: BMW M5 F10 concept officially revealed

The premature leak of the new BMW M5 F10 forced the Germans to officially introduce the new M model based on the current 5 Series generation. Scheduled to debut at the Shanghai Auto Show, the appearance of the new M5 F10 gets revealed through the photo gallery while some of the important details are still unknown.

BMW M5 F10 concept

BMW M5 F10 concept

We know that the new M5 generation will pack the 4.4-liter unit that benefits from the TwinPower Turbo technology and comes together with a seven-speed DCT gearbox. Don’t bother too much as we will get all these details on April 19 when the Bavarians will introduce the model at Shanghai.

BMW M5 F10 concept

BMW M5 F10 concept

Until then, enjoy the full resolution photo gallery that shows us an aggressive M model with revised front and rear bumpers, a set of new alloy wheels and a quad-pipe exhaust system.

BMW M5 F10 concept

BMW M5 F10 concept

BMW somehow hid the interior by tinting the windows which probably means that there are still some touches to go. It’s right that the model is badged as a concept but we all know that almost all the features will be retained by the series version.
BMW M5 F10 conceptBMW M5 F10 conceptBMW M5 F10 concept

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