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BMW reveals at Shanghai the New Energy Vehicle (NEV)

The Bavarian manufacturer confirmed today at this year’s edition of the annual press conference held in Munich that a plug-in hybrid model based on the 5 Series F10 LWB will be revealed next month at the Shanghai Auto Show together with the new BMW 6 Series Coupe F12.

BMW's annual press conference

BMW's annual press conference

Dr. Norbert Reithofer, BMW’s chairman announced a new range of vehicles called NEV (New Energy Vehicle) is about to debut at the Shanghai Auto Show. The first model to bear the NEV badge will be the current 5 Series generation benefiting from the extended wheelbase.

According to the first details, the plug-in hybrid based on the current 5 Series will be built in China but however it will respect all the quality requirments for a premium model, at least this is what the Germans stated.

BMW's annual press conference

BMW's annual press conference

Mainly, these are the key details available right now for the new 5 Series Plug-in Hybrid but there are few other details that might be interesting for you. Namely, the Germans confirmed that the second generation of the BMW 1 Series will debut this year alongside MINI Coupe and an all-new three-cylinder turbocharged engine.


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