BMW X1 obtains a five-star rating at the latest Euro NCAP tests

BMW proves once again that their models meet the premium badge assigned by the Germans, safety being a very important fact when manufacturing a model. After the latest Euro NCAP tests we find that BMW X1 received the maximum overall rating from the specialists at Euro NCAP.

2011 BMW X1 Euro NCAP test

2011 BMW X1 Euro NCAP test

The German model is rated with a five-star score thanks to its increased safety for both passengers and pedestrians. Skimming the results we find that the German model offers 87% safety for adult occupant, 86% for children, 64 for pedestrians while the safety assist systems get a 71% rating.

Even the latest Euro NCAP requirements are more stringent, BMW X1 managed to impose at the safery chapter and obtain the much coveted five-star rating which means that you drive the safest car you can get. The pedestrian reglementations are now a little bit tougher but however the German model had no problems passing the tests.

2011 BMW X1 Euro NCAP test

2011 BMW X1 Euro NCAP test

The car manufacturers have to fit their models with special bumpers, hood and other elements that will protect somehow the pedestrians when an accident happen. The components above have to cause no big injuries in order to get a higher safety rating.


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