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Official details about BMW’s new i electric sub-brand available now

As the Germans recently promised, we have some official details regarding the new electric range developed by BMW, information released today, as we expected.

BMW i3 and BMW i8

BMW i3 and BMW i8

Somewhere in 2013 the first model bearing the i badge, namely i3, will be revealed in a production-ready version. For now we know that the new BMW i3 will be a three-door vehicle with a lightweight aluminum structure. Together with the new electric model, another i model will enter the market around the same date.

BMW i3 and BMW i8

BMW i3 and BMW i8

We talk about the BMW i8, a model which is inspired by the Vision EfficientDynamics, as we set few months ago when the German supercar was tested in Abu Dhabi. The new electric i range will bear the “Born electric” slogan and the Germans will attack the same premium segment but this time in the electric models area. The Germans will start the production of the i3 and i8, the first models to debut, at the plant in Leipzig. More details and videos coming soon!


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    It is exciting to see what the clever boffins will come up with

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