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Rumors: BMW to reveal at Geneva a so-called Z2 Concept

We already stated that BMW won’t reveal the new M5 generation at Geneva and we have to wait few more months for the Frankfurt Auto Show where the new performance model is expected to be introduced. However, the Bavarians might unveil a new concept, called Z2 Concept, a prototype which wants to foreshadow a new cadet in the Z range of the Germans.

BMW Z2 rendering

BMW Z2 rendering

At the same European auto show, at Geneva, we should find if there will be any series model based on this concept to enter the range because some sources claim that this is just a design study. The same rumors tell us that the Z2 Concept will revive the famous doors found on BMW Z1.

BMW Z2 rendering

BMW Z2 rendering

The new cadet roadster might enter the series production in the following five years according to Autobild but BMW hasn’t confirmed yet any of these rumors. Thus, it remains to be seen if there will be any Z2 Concept and if not, we hope at least to get some explanations from the Germans.


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