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BMW clears the rumors regarding possible Fiat partnership

The Germans from BMW, more exactly, Friedrich Eichiner, the financial director of BMW firmly stated that there is not any partnership between the German group and Fiat and they are not interested to buy this brand or something like this.



According to some rumors, the future Mini models should share a Fiat platform but these assumptions were denied by the Germans, claiming that there would be too much differences if a new platform would be used. In the same time, Friedrich Eichiner stated that in the development process of BMW’s Isetta Fiat had no role as few assumed.

Regarding Alfa Romeo, the BMW officials stated that the Italian brand is rather a rival in the premium segment and there is no partnership. All these statements came at an event held in South Africa, where BMW decided to reveal the new 6 Series Coupe (F12). Thus, all the rumors in this regard are officially denied.


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