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BMW temporarily quits the Egyptian market

In the last ten days we saw at every single news program footage from Cairo where hundreds of thousands of people intense protest. Of course, the chaos from Egypt which most probably will not end too early affected the automotive market and drew the attention of the biggest car manufacturers which already took drastic decisions.

BMW Headquarters

BMW Headquarters

The Germans from BMW, alongside other big companies such as Volkswagen, Nissan, Daimler and General Motors decided to quit the Egyptian market until the tensioned situation will disappear. As you are reading an automotive related post we will focus more on the decisions that BMW and the other manufacturers were forced to take.

BMW decided to close all the plants that were producing the vehicles for Egypt but even more they decided to send back home all the German engineers and employees working over there. However, we should underline that these decisions are temporarily and BMW will return to Egypt as soon as the confusion and chaos clear.


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