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VIDEO: BMW M5 Hurricane RS hits 359 km/h (224 mph) on Autobahn

G-Power is certainly not an unknown name when it comes to BMW tuning, contrary, the Germans from G-Power are well known for the Hurricane packages developed for various models within BMW’s range. Late 2008, G-Power presented the M5 Hurricane RS, a model based on the E61 M5 Touring.

G-Power BMW M5 Hurricane RS

G-Power BMW M5 Hurricane RS

The Germans from m5board decided to force the performance that the M5 Hurricane RS offers and decided to accelerate at maximum while running on the German Autobahn. The result is a very good one, indeed, especially considering that we talk about a Touring model.

However, this confirms once again that the tuners from G-Power did a nice job under the bonnet. The unit found under the hood of the M5 Hurricane RS is able to develop 750 horsepower. The official top speed announced at that time is 367.4 km/h but it seems that the Germans are forcing the limits and according to what we see in this video is likely to exceed the official figures.


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