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BMW Z5 Concept renderings revealed by Turkish designers

Thanks to two Turkish designers, İsmet Çevik and Fatih Tezel we get the opportunity to see how a future BMW Z model will look like. In fact, they called it BMW Z5, which should be the very next model bearing the Z badge but it is clearly that the model presented in these renderings approaches a very bold design typical for a concept.

BMW Z5 Concept

BMW Z5 Concept

The BMW Z5 concept is a sporty mid-engine coupe with a bunch of innovative features and attractive lines starting from the stretched front part with an aggressive grille and a set of LED lights instead of the usual BMW headlights.

BMW Z5 Concept

BMW Z5 Concept

In the rear, we find the same sharp lines, thin LED lights wands as well, a two-pipe exhaust system but also the huge concave wheels and a low ground clearance. In terms of performance, there are not any details available but you can tell us by leaving a comment below what engine do you think it fits best on this concept.

BMW Z5 Concept

BMW Z5 Concept


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  1. I think this should be the new M6. same current v10 as 2011 supercharged.

  2. The #1 Beemer Fan says:

    This looks more like an Audi than a BMW. I dont like it

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