BMW to fit additional sound systems to make the EVs more noticeable

Here is a quite strange situation but unfortunately the manufacturers of electric vehicles have to deal with it. We know that there are a plenty of pollution ways but do not forget about the audio pollution. The electric vehicles manage to get rid of both the CO2 emissions and audio pollution.

BMW ActiveE Concept Car

BMW ActiveE Concept Car

Unfortunately, the last one is not a very good news, indeed, as the silent electric vehicles will be a thread for the careless pedestrians which won’t notice the vehicles, leading to some danger situations.

The first series electric vehicle developed by BMW is expected to debut somewhere in 2013 but the Germans are already concerning and planing to introduce additional audio systems to warn the pedestrians. The new technology which proposes to make the electric vehicles safer is designed to be used at low speeds. For now we don’t know very much about the new system but there is no doubt that more details will be revealed as the debut date gets closer.


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  1. Jacob Thompson says:

    BMW is by far the best car you can ever buy. Sure you may pay a little more for it but in the end you get a car you can be proud of. This car gives you bost prstige as well as reliability

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