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New BMW Unscripted episode featuring Tiffany Coates and BMW R80GS

In the last BMW Unscripted episode as generally in the BMW Unscripted series we got use to see unscripted stories with people all around the world and their BMW vehicle.

Tiffany Coates and her BMW R80GS

Tiffany Coates and her BMW R80GS

In most cases we were taking about BMW cars, as happend in the last episode, when Grant Mcllrath talks about his BMW 5 Series E34 and his Meerkat Magic Conservation Project in South Africa. Today’s story is a bit more interesting as we talk about a woman and a her motorcycle, the BMW R80GS.

She likes to travel and she manages to run thousands of miles together with her BMW R80GS. She also claims that thanks to her passion for traveling, she met a lot of people and 99,9% of them are nice decent people, underlining that the unknown people she met aren’t that dangerous as we may think. In the following moments I invite you to watch Tiffany’s story together with her BMW motorcycle.


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