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New BMW Unscripted episode. Grant Mcllrath and his story with BMW

Here is a new episode of BMW’s Unscripted series, a series of episodes that need no script, stories of BMW customers which had enjoyable memories over the years behind the steering wheel of a BMW 5 Series E34. Today, we talk about Grant Mcllrath and his story with his BMW vehicle in Oudtshoorn, South Africa.

BMW Unscripted. Grant.

BMW Unscripted. Grant.

He runs the Meerkat Magic Conservation Project in South Africa and he claims that this is rather a way of life than a job. The lovely story starts here, when he says that his conservation work wouldn’t be possible without his BMW. He also claims that the animals got used so much with the German model that if he would start using another vehicle the animals within the reservation would be very angry.

Grant told us that his life with the animals changed him very much and offered him new expectations. Here is Grant Mcllrath’s story I invite you to watch:


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