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How to park your BMW 5 Series E39 wagon without starting the engine

Here is a new way of parking, probably an easier one but not that pleasant anyway. More exactly, an unhappy BMW owner decided to park near a construction zone where a forklift operator got a little too more imagination. As his 5 Series wagon probably stood in the way of the workers, the forklift operator decided to use his machine to move the German model on the other side of the road, in the park lot.

BMW 5 Series E39 wagon moved by forklift

BMW 5 Series E39 wagon moved by forklift

All this operation was filmed by a nearby resident and now the video raise tens of thousands of views. All the action happened in Taiwan, as the uploader claims in a forum thread.

The reckless action would be excusable if there wouldn’t be any damage produced by the forklift. The BMW driver probably was amazed by the worker’s action and there would have been interesting to see the reaction of the BMW owner after he saw its car on the other side of the road.


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  1. This is so true! I have seen it really often now in Tienmu, Taipei. The street we have been living on has been repaved in various places already 10 times in 1 1/2 years!4 times in the last 2 months in front of one new house alone – various contractors who need to put water, gas, etc. lines into the ground don’t seem to communicate with one another… Residents do not get notified, the cars just get moved by forklifts. And if the slope of the road is too big, threatening the forklift to tip over, or the car to slide off the forklift, then the car gets lifted onto a tow truck, the tow truck moves it, and then the car gets ligted off again at the place where it was supposed to be moved to in the first place. And after it is all paved, the cars get moved back into thei place. You may come home at night, car in the place where you had left it, but with new pavement under the car!!

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