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BMW still the leader in the premium car segment this year

BMW joyfully announces sales growth, better sales which manages to keep the German brand in the first place when it’s about premium cars. Even the eternal rivals Audi and Mercedes are chasing closely, BMW stated that a growth by 20% could be seen last month, 108,187 units being sold in November.



The difference between BMW and the other rivals it’s not that huge as the Germans from BMW managed to sell about 1,11 million units since the start of the year while Audi and Mercedes sold however more than 1 million units each.

BMW managed to keep in the first place mainly due to the new X1 SUV and 5 Series F10 while the key market was China, a market with a big demand of premium cars. However, not just BMW received a positive feedback from China, the same market being a good deal also for Mercedes and Audi. The Germans announced that a big amount of sales was also received from the U.S. market even in the last period of time this market gave decreasing signs.


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