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VIDEO: BMW Motorrad. Xmas card 2010.

Here is a new video launched by the Bavarian manufacturer to all the BMW fans. They found an original and funny way to say happy holidays to us, by making a song using their bikes. Yes, you’re right, we talk about the BMW Motorrad team which managed to create a very pleasant commercial, as in the end you are invited to make your own e-card.

BMW Motorrad

BMW Motorrad

Honestly, when I watched for the first time the video I really felt into the atmosphere of the Christmas holidays and also I’ve laughed pretty hard especially when the white drummer on the bike was struggling to do his job in the music composition.

As we told above, BMW invites you to make your own e-card, a BMW Motorrad Christmas Concert to send to your family and friends as a Christmas gift. In conclusion BMW wants to take care of their fans by creating this entertaining video, and they did a great job.


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