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VIDEO: BMW M3 E92 – Real Life and GT5 side to side

Denis Malevanyi, a professional car driver decided to make a comparison between a real life lap at the Nurburgring Nordscleife track and a virtual lap in the well-known Gran Turismo 5 driving simulator. The model driven both in real life and in the video game is the BMW M3 E92, the video presenting us side to side the comparison test.

BMW M3 E92 - Real Life and GT5 side to side

BMW M3 E92 - Real Life and GT5 side to side

We talked pretty much in the last time about the Gran Turismo 5 driving simulator, the game being one of the most awaited games. It took about 5 years for this game to take shape and it comes with no less than 1031 vehicles and 71 racing tracks.

The video below shows the differences between the real life driving conditions and the virtual situation, and we can clearly see that the developers of the Gran Turismo 5 managed to translate very well the real life conditions into the new driving simulator. Few people claimed that the Gran Turismo 5 is even better than the real life driving. What’s your opinion?


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