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VIDEO: BMW X3 F25 shows us the importance of the winter tires

BMW decided to involve in this regard and managed to prove that the winter tires provide an advantage on winter conditions. They fitted winter and summer tires on two BMW X3 F25 and started few comparision tests. To make things more clearly they added a badge on each models where the type of the tires is written.

BMW Winter Tires

BMW Winter Tires

The difference is obviously, even at the start the model fitted with summer tires can not handle the situation while the X3 F25 with winter tires gets a whooping start. Many people are disputing on this subject, a part of them considering that the winter tires does not bring any benefits compared to the summer or better said all seasons tires.

This time, if the message comes from the Bavarian manufacturer few of the confused people we’ll get the idea right. Anyway, you can use any type of tires you want as long as the law does not force you to fit your car with winter tires when is needed.


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