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BMW worker arrested for a 3 million euros prejudice

Bloomberg recently reported that a BMW employee was found guilty of a 3 million euros prejudice. The BMW worker got arrested by Munich’s police after he succeeded to stole seats from one of the German’s plants. It seems that the BMW worker whose name is still unkown teamed up with a car parts supplier and managed to sell the them on the Internet.

BMW Plant

BMW Plant

BMW’s spokesman, Michael Rebstock decided to refrain in making statements in this regard. The Germans are waiting probably for the investigation to end and then they will expose their views.

The German police who discovered the case stated that few other persons, more exactly 15 more people are under investigation as they are suspicious for helping the main accused persons in this deal. They decided to create fake orders for the seats in question, and thus, this is how they managed to work very clean in this dirty occupation.


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