BMW celebrates 100,000 X6 vehicles sold worldwide

More than two years have passed since the current BMW X6 model was launched and at that time not everyone seemed very happy and pleased about the German Sport Activity Coupe, even the complaints were regarding the design or other similar stuff.



However, the German manufacturer got a good reason to celebrate the current X6 generation as the model just hit 100,000 units sold worldwide. We can’t make a prediction how soon we will celebrate 500,000 or 1 million X6 units sold but it’s certain that the model managed to be sold well despite the critics and also despite the price tag that is not the most affordable one and might make you think of buying a sports model instead the German SAC.

Even we talk about a model that weights around 2 tons and needs a powerful engine that unavoidable generates a bigger ammount of CO2 emissions and a bigger fuel consumption, the German model still benefits from an ActiveHybrid version designed to reduce the variables above but also a performance M version is available.


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