BMW’s sales saw significant increase by 16.8% in September 2010

Compared to September 2009, BMW reported sales growth of 16.8% last month, in the figures were considered also the additional German’s brands, MINI and Rolls-Royce. Ian Robertson, the man responsible for Sales and Marketing at BMW stated that they expect to deliver more than 1.4 million units this year.

Increasing BMW Sales in September 2010

Increasing BMW Sales in September 2010

The new BMW 5 Series F10 was the model to make the difference, it saw a growth by 20,4% compared to September 2009 when the Germans sold 97,550 units, 117,467 units being sold last month.

The Germans at BMW announced that over 100,000 BMW X6 units found their customers (sicne its debut) while the little brother BMW X3 was manufactured in about 600,000 units since 2004. Compared to September 2009 when a total of 7,304 units where delivered, in September 2010 no fewer than 10,807 BMW X1 units found new homes, thus, a growth by 48% was announced for this model. A slightly increase in sales is seen for MINI brand in September, more exactly 1.9%, totaling 24,222 units sold while talking about Rolls-Royce a total of 261 Ghost and Phantom models were delivered, a big increase compared to the 50 units sold in the previous year.


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