The BMW Z4 E85 Got a New Look from Rieger

With new car models rolling out in such a fast pace, it is sometimes hard for tuning companies to keep up with the ever-growing number of models to modify and because of this some models are a bit left behind. This was the case of the BMW Z4 E85, which stepped down for the E89 present production model. But the spotlight has returned on it thanks to Rieger.

Rieger BMW Z4 Front

Rieger BMW Z4 Front

The tuning company decided it was time for the BMW Z4 E85 to get a new look and for this a new body kit was put in place. The body kit is composed of elements such as a new splitter made of carbon fiber, a rear diffuser (with optional carbon fiber styling) and new side skirts. The car also received a lower suspension and a new set of wheels to make it young again.

Rieger BMW Z4 Rear

Rieger BMW Z4 Rear

Unfortunately, Rieger has only offered a new facelift for the BMW Z4 roadster, but all in due time. Still, considering how many people own a BMW Z4 E85, Rieger couldn’t have made a better choice. So, if you want to add a new look to your Z4, you know who to call.


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