Turner Motorsports Wants to Take the M3 Frozen Gray to the Racetrack

Cars are meant to be driven right? And since racing is also a type of driving (more or less), cars shouldn’t have a problem with that school of thought. But what happens if you get your hands on a four wheel jewel such as the BMW M3 Frozen Gray? Considering it is a limited edition with only thirty units built, one would decide to keep it as it is. But Turner Motorsports begs to differ. Read more bellow.

Turner Motorsport BMW M3 Frozen Gray

Turner Motorsports BMW M3 Frozen Gray

The company is planning to take the M3 Frozen Gray to the next level by equipping it for the racetrack. For that purpose, the BMW M3 now has new 10-inch racing wheels from Volk and tires from Continental.

Turner Motorsport BMW M3 Frozen Gray Wheel

Turner Motorsports BMW M3 Frozen Gray Wheel

Aside from that, the braking system has been modified as well, together with the suspension, to result a better performance on the track. Not much info is available aside from the above regarding the modifications of the BMW M3 Frozen Gray but we can be sure that Turner Motorsports doesn’t have just this in mind for the car.

We will be awaiting more details and the results from the racetrack.

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