BMW 5-Series

USA Today have reported the new 2011 BMW 5 series line up

We’ve had a glimpse ourselves and have come up with our own ideas.

The German automobile maker have typically done a very good job of over-engineering their machines and making them far too complicated- the much maligned I-Drive being a case in point.

For the new 5 series range, BMW seem to have gone back to basics with a range that is simply better. Better how you ask?

2011 BMW 5 Series

2011 BMW 5 Series

For one, the new series looks better. BM has smoothed down the some of the harsher angles and elements from the previous iteration. The result is a machine that is much easier on the eye, including removing the raised trunk lid. It’s still going be a divisive design however.

The new model is also bigger than its predecessor – the body has become a couple of inches longer along with the wheelbase. This doesn’t seem to have carried over to the interior dimensions however, with a cabin than is only a shade bigger. You have to question how much weight – at least a couple of hundred pounds – will affect the agility of a finely honed driving machine, although we’re certainly not questioning whether BMW have taken that into account.

Despite all this weight, BMW have even claimed efficiency saving over the old model, claiming a 4mpg improvement over their 2010 models.

The there’s the price. The 2011 528i begins at $45425, while BMW is claiming that the 535i and 550i V8 will be $1650 and $900 less than last year respectively. Although we doubt there will be any saving on your car insurance group. You can find the best car insurance quote for your own personal needs using sites like

Until we get a hold of one of these, we just can’t separate fact from PR. All we can say is bring it on.

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