VIDEO: BMW reveals the first video from the “Unscripted” series

As the description of the video says: BMW unscripted is a series about people, talking about their life, passion and joy with the brand BMW. His name is Murray Fowler, he lives in Costa Mesa, California and is 81 years old. Most of his life was spent behind the steering wheel of a BMW, most exactly, the BMW 2800 CS with over 400,000 miles on board.

This video created by BMW reveals the passion and the joy spent of the owner spent over so many years with BMW. We can see that the German manufacturer releases another series of spots showing the passion between a BMW model and an owner.

BMW released many spots featuring the “BMW is Joy” campaign, the purpose being somewhere similar, but “BMW is Joy” campaign was mostly regarding new models while the “Unscripted” series dig up long time memories between people and their oldie but goodie BMW models.


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