BMW M3 GTS conquers the Nurburgring circuit

According to the SportAuto publication that tested the BMW’s supercar M3 GTS, the model managed to obtain a record of time to cover the whole distance of the Nurburgring circuit. In figures, the BMW M3 GTS managed to cover the “Green Hell” surface of 22 kilometers in just 7 minutes and 48 seconds.

2011 BMW M3 GTS

2011 BMW M3 GTS

As we told you below, these figures were obtained by people at SportAuto, they managed to overcome the performance obtained on the Nurburgring circuit by the CSL version of the M3 model.

4.4-liter engine capable to develop 450 horsepower coupled to a M division double-clutch 7-speed gearbox. The model also was developed to weigh as low as possible, the M3 GTS having just 1.490 kg, a mass that helps the model to have better performance. The BMW’s M3 GTS got a roll-cage, sports seats, an adaptive aerodynamic kit for every situation and special suspensions, all of these made specially for the circuit. You can read more about the BMW M3 GTS here.


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