BMW reported July sales increase by 9.1%

He wrote several posts in the last time regarding the sales trend of the Bavarian manufacturer. Fortunately for BMW, we saw every time or in the most of the cases just increased sales and this is good. This means that more and more people are heading to the premium vehicles such as the ones developed by BMW.

BMW Assembly Line

BMW Assembly Line

This increasing trend is mostly due to the big sales amount registered in some of the biggest automotive markets such as the Chinese market or the markets in England or U.S. Ian Robertson, sales manager at BMW, told us that the SUV sales increased by 12,5% in July, this means that BMW managed to sell almost 120.000 Sport Utility Vehicles.

In Germany, the sales increased by 3.6% in July even in the last months the trend of sales in Germany was going down. As we told you in the beginning, the Chinese market had a very important role in this ecuation.


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