BMW Releases Yet Another Limited Edition: The M3 Tiger

BMW seems to be on a roll with the releases of limited or special edition models. After just releasing the M3 Frozen Edition in South Africa, now it is time for the People’s Republic of China to celebrate BMW’s 25th anniversary of the M 3 Series. And since it’s the year of the tiger in China, what name could be more fiting than the big cat itself?



When you look at the BMW M3 Tiger you will be drawn by the Fire Orange metallic coat of paint, probably to resemble a tiger, but without the characteristic stripes. In their place, you will see black kidney grills, air intakes and also some chromed exhaust tips. The BMW M3 Tiger also features black 19-inch wheels and a Tiger Edition logo on the sill plates of the door.

But BMW didn’t focus just on the exterior elements. The orange color is also present on the interior, though taking the form of the stiching of the black leather. The tiger will also be present on the headrests.

A good thing is that the BMW M3 Tiger edition will be available in 300 units. No official prices have been released yet.


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