25 Years of BMW Presence in South Africa: the M3 Frozen Edition

BMW always has new ideas and more and more reasons to unveil limited or special editions of it’s best selling models. Now, it is the Republic of South Africa’s turn to enjoy the spotlight (again, because last month the 3 Series Dynamic Edition was launched), as it will be the home of the latest BMW M3 Frozen Edition. The country was chosen because BMW will have clocked 25 years of presence there and that needs to be celebrated accordingly.

BMW M3 Frozen Edition Front

BMW M3 Frozen Edition Front

Under the bonnet, the BMW M3 Frozen Edition will be sporting 442 hp and 420 Nm of torque because of the different modifications that were done, like a new exhaust pipe, a new management system for the engine or AC Schnitzer components. For the gearbox, the BMW M3 Dual Clutch will be present.

BMW M3 Frozen Edition Wheels

BMW M3 Frozen Edition Wheels

As for the aesthetics, the BMW M3 Frozen Edition will be available in two Frozen colours: Frozen Grey and Frozen Black, each version having 19-inch wheels, red calipers for the brakes and black leather interior.

Having a price tag of almost R1.2 million, only 25 units of the BMW M3 Frozen Edition will be available, 8 of which will be produced this year and the rest in 2011.


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