Another BMW model quits production: M6

After the production of BMW M5 E60/E61 model ended, now, the Germans from BMW announce another model that will quit the production: the M6 model. A successor for BMW M6 is confirmed but the releasing date of the future M6 is uncertain for now.


In the same time with the withdraw of the M6 model, BMW announced the introduction of a new engine. This new engine will replace the V10 engine of 5.0-liters capable to develop 507 horsepower.

The V10 engine current available will be replaced with the V8 4.4-liter Twin Power Turbo engine, a decision that might look pretty strange because the trend must go up, not down. However, the V8 engine can develop 555 horses, almost 50 extra horsepower. The new BMW M5 will borrow this V8 unit and as you probably now, the V8 engine capable to develop 555 horsepower is now available on the M performance versions of X5 and X6.


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