Limited Edition BMW X6 Performance Unlimited for the Japanese market

The Japanese auto market will benefit from a limited amount of a special version of BMW X6, we are talking about special 20 units of the BMW X6 model, special edition called Performance Unlimited. As we told you, this special limited edition will be produced in just 20 units. Why is this special edition so special? The standard BMW X6 received the six-cylinder 3.0 engine capable to develop around 300 hp and 400 Nm.

BMW X6 Performance Unlimited

Talking about aesthetics, there will be available 21-inch wheels, Nevada leather for the interior, a redesigned spoiler and air deflector and some new side sills. This special edition will take out from every buyer’s pocket almost 86.000 euro.

BMW X6 Performance Unlimited stands out also by a special silver body color. For those interested of buying this special edition, you have to know that your car will be delivered to you at the end of July.


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