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Skinless body of the future BMW city model

The future city model of people from BMW will have a plastic structure reinforced with carbon fiber. The structure is as strong as steel but much lighter. After we presented you a teaser image of the future city model that BMW is preparing to launch in 2013, the Bavarians have published very interesting images from the safety tests showing how the structure and the chassis of the future citycar of the Bavarian manufacturer is tested.

Future BMW City Model

BMW focuses in the images on the internal security structure of the new model, the innovative material used in its construction (plastic reinforced with carbon fiberor or CFRP) providing the same level of structural rigidity that it reaches a steel chassis while the total mass is similar to an aluminum structure. The structure of the CFRP is developed by BMW partners from SGL Automotive, which – according to the Bavarians – developed an effective solution to counter the high cost of repairs to the chassis in the event of an accident.

Future BMW City Model

The future BMW model will have an electric engine which can develop up to 136 horsepower and the maximum speed will not exceed 150 km/h. The propulsion system that will be used will be the one tested in recent years by BMW Group on the electric version of Mini.

Future BMW City Model

Future BMW City Model


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