More photos and information on Alpina B5

We recently talked about the Alpina event at Goodwood. I am talking about the revealing event of the new model from Alpina, the model that I like to call it the 500 horsepower 5 Series, B5. Many manufacturers revealed new models or special editions of existing models at Goodwood, Mercedes also revealing the special edition Mercedes C63 AMG DR520.

Alpina B5 at Goodwood

Although the Alpina B5 will offer a close horsepower amount compared to the future M5, the new Alpina B5 adopts a different transmission. Is about the ZF gearbox unit with eight reports, increasingly used by the premium manufacturers. On the other hand, we can expect that the future BMW M5 to use a manual double-clutch transmission.

Alpina B5 at Goodwood

The starting price for the new Alpina B5 has not been published yet, but it will take most likely out of the pocket from 85,000 euros. Even we don’t know exactly the starting price, we know that the first deliveries will start only in autumn.

Alpina B5 at Goodwood


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