Carbon fiber aerodynamic accessories for BMW M3

People at BMW offer in Europe plastic elements reinforced with carbon fiber available so far only on a special package in the U.S.. BMW M3 owners and customers will be able to buy a carbon fiber aerodynamic package. It is composed of three elements – a splitter for the front bumper, a spoiler for the trunk lid and a set of caps for the side mirrors. These items were offered so far only in the United States alongside the M3 Competition package. Now, these accessories are available to any owner of M3, even it’s coupe, sedan or convertible.

Carbon fiber aerodynamic accessories for BMW M3

All parts are rigid, light and aerodynamically efficient. They are made from CFRP – carbon fiber reinforced plastic. With a rolling process, these elements are protected from ultraviolet rays and will not degrade in any way – being excluded the possibility of yellow striped texture or cracks. From he same material is made also the optional roof panel of the E92 M3 Coupe.

Carbon fiber aerodynamic accessories for BMW M3

Talking about an approved BMW performance accessory, each element of the three mentioned above have a warranty of two years. The price of these accessories varies from one dealer to another.

Carbon fiber aerodynamic accessories for BMW M3

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