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Rumors on BMW M8 Hybrid based on Vision EfficientDynamics concept

There are rumors that BMW is preparing M8 Hybrid. The German model will be based on Vision EfficientDynamics concept and will use a V10 507 horsepower propeller and two electric engines. There are rumors that the German manufacturer BMW plans to develop a hybrid sports model that could be named M8. It will be based om Vision EfficientDynamics concept and is expected to make its appearance in spring 2013.

BMW Vision EfficientDynamics Concept

The new Bavarian creation will have a V10 propeller developing 507 horsepower and will be assisted by two electric engines, one for the front axle and one for the back axle. The electric engine positioned on the front axle of the model will be able to produce between 80 and 115 horsepower, while the engine positioned on the rear axle of the German model will develop 50 horsepower. BMW M8 can sprint from 0-100 k /h in about 3.8 seconds and the maximum speed is exceeding 300 km/h.

BMW M8 mass is not exceeding 1,500 kg thanks to the aluminum chassis and carbon fiber body. Inside, the Germans would choose Kevlar seats. The price for a BMW M8 will be about 150,000 euros.

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  1. This car is awesome.

  2. la marque bmw est belle

  3. When are you going to start selling in the USA

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