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Hartge has released a new set of wheels for BMW 5 Series

German tuners from Hartge thought that the wheels’ range of the new BMW 5 Series isn’t wide enough and created a new set of rims for the new Bavarian model. The customers of the Bavarian model BMW 5 Series can change their rims with some new ones created by the German tuning house, Hartge, especially for the Bavarian model.

BMW 5 Series with the new Hartge wheels

German tuners from Hartge has released on the market a number of new wheels devoted to the latest generation of BMW 5 Series. The Germans continue the tradition of creation new wheels designed specially for the latest models produced by the Bavarian company.

BMW 5 Series with the new Hartge wheels

The rims produced by the tuners from Hartge are available in three sizes (18, 19 and 20 inches), the customers having the possibility to get Michelin, Pirelli or Continental tires for their new rims. The biggest wheels of the new series, the 20-inch ones, have the sizes of 255/35 ZR front and 285/30 ZR rear. The new Hartge rims’ prices have not been published yet.

BMW 5 Series with the new Hartge wheels

BMW 5 Series with the new Hartge wheels

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  1. I want these rims can you email me the prices thanks!

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