Pathfinder micronavigation system tested on a modified BMW 3 Series

BMW is testing an innovative navigation system on a modified BMW 3 Series. This system guides the driver even on what the lane is running and provide micro-detailed maps of the area when they reach the prescribed destination.

BMW micronavigation system

BMW engineers are testing an innovative navigation system, which will guide drivers in detail in an area that they do not know. More specifically, it’s guidance regarding parking, the place where you can pay it, gas stations in the area and other useful items that drivers can not find on any map of a navigation system.

Thus, in addition to the service to direct the driver from point A to point B, the new navigation system will be able to provide guidance to the driver if he needs different indications in point B, specific of the region. The best example of this system would be visiting a shopping mall or museum in a foreign city. Once at the destination, the driver can not simply park the car on the road, so you need to find parking. This system will help you in this situation.

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