More about BMW X3 F25 with official photos

We talked recently about the new generation BMW X3, codenamed F25, that is about to begin. Now, we’ll enter deeper into BMW X3 F25′s details.

BMW X3 F25

BMW X3 F25 prototype has the same figure as that of first generation X3, and the image of the two models side by side is more than conclusive in terms of size of the new model. By this design, the BMW people wanted to ensure that will get a direct style link between the current and future X3, in order to get rid of any doubt in the public’s mind about the identity of the BMW X3. As if the previous generation, the platform comes directly from the 3 Series.

BMW X3 F25

Compared with the first generation of the BMW X3, the model is 83 millimeters longer, 29 millimeters wider and 40 millimeters higher. The wheelbase was also increased by 15 millimeters. Despite the increased dimensions, the model is 25 kg lighter than its equivalent achieved on the previous platform. Thus, while a BMW X3 equipped with xDrive and a diesel 2.0-liter engine has a mass of 1815 kilograms, the new model equipped with the same engine and xDrive all wheel drive system weighs just 1790 kg.

BMW X3 F25

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