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China to receive LWB 3 Series in 2012

BMW intends to fight with Audi A4L on the Chinese market and plans to launch a variant with increased wheelbase of the 3 Series model, until 2012.

BMW 3 Series

BMW and its Chinese partner Brilliance intends to launch in the near future an increased wheelbase variant of the 3 Series model. It seems that the Germans were driven by the success of the increased wheelbase version of the rival Audi A4 available for some time on the Chinese market.

For the project to take shape, the two partners will build a new factory in the economic zone of the Shengyang by 2012. Brilliance President revealed that the plant will produce up to 100,000 units per year and will include an assembly line for the BMW X1. With the completion of the plant, BMW will be able to produce on the Chinese market 300,000 cars per year to ensure a significant growth rate. The partnership between the two car manufacturers in the future would include a plant for the production of the Mini models.

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