News on BMW’s three-cylinder engine. Is not an entry-level!

The new three-cylinder engine from BMW will not team the entry-level versions of 1 Series, but will team with the mid range models.

BMW engine

A source from the company said that the new BMW three-cylinder engines are not for entry-level versions of its models. The new three-cylinder unit with direct injection will not be available on the cheapest model in the range, but will be on a top model, refined, with extremely low CO2 emissions. The unit will have three-cylinder 500 cubic centimeters each, totaling a capacity of 1500 cc. To provide sufficient power, the unit will be turbocharged by a turbocharger.

Those from BMW specified that the new BMW 1 Series was specifically designed to withstand the vibration and unique sounds that will be produced by the new three-cylinder propeller. Thus, the model will behave just as would be performed with a four cylinder engine, but the CO2 emissions and fuel consumption will be reduced with the weight placed on the front axle.

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