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BMW 5 Series ActiveHybrid just in sedan version

Because the placement of the batteries does not allow folding the rear seats, BMW 5 Series Hybrid will be available next year only in the sedan version.

BMW 5 Series

BMW 5 Series

BMW officials have confirmed that the new generation of 5 Series hybrid version will be available only in the sedan body style. According to a spokesman from BMW, the Bavarians have chosen only the sedan version of its 5 Series as the positioning of the 40-kilowatt battery will prevent the installation of folding seats in the car.

The same BMW official also confirmed that BMW will go on the same line chosen for the hybrid version of its BMW X6, the hybrid version of its BMW 5 Series will not be the most effective version in the range, 520d will continue to have the honor of having the lower consumption. In these conditions, BMW 5 Series ActiveHybrid will serve to provide a clean, but efficient version of the Bavarian big segment model, the gasoline engine that will be attached to the electric one will be the 3.0-liter unit from the 535i.

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