BMW 5-Series

The New BMW 5 Series F10 involved in an accident

The photo cameras caught wat remained from the first new generation BMW 5 Series F10 involved in an accident. The roof and the right side were the most damaged parts from this accident.

BMW 5 Series F10 Accident

The first accident where was involved a new generation of BMW 5 Series F10 happened somewhere in France. The model surprised by cameras is registered in the Hexagon, but more data about the accident where was involved are not known. The Bavarian model was hit on the right side and the ceiling shows signs of the interventions of the people from Extrication Team.

BMW 5 Series F10 is in the sixth generation and is the first model of the Bavarian manufacturer that haven’t got the design adaptation of Chris Bangle. It was unveiled in November last year at a ceremony held in Munich. Here is the photo with the beautiful BMW 5 Series F10, or, just what remained from it. Drive safe!

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