BMW 5-Series

BMW 5 Series F10 sales exceeded the expectations

BMW Heads are impressed with the results presented by the new BMW 5 Series F10, the model was able to record a high number of orders which exceeded the sales expectations of the Bavarian manufacturer.

2011 BMW 5 Series

The Germans from BMW are impressed by the high number of orders received for the new 5 Series F10. The Bavarian manufacturer expects a single digit growth this year, hoping to sell over 1.3 million cars in 2010. BMW 5 Series is offered for sale in Europe since March this year, and it took only two months for the BMW customers to order a large number of vehicles in order to achieve and exceed the sales expectations of the Germans.

BMW beat the rivals from Daimler AG in 2005 and sold with 27% more cars per year than in 2000. The manufacturer medium-term goal is to increase as possible the earnings before tax, with the ultimate goal of increasing sales eight percent in 2012. German manufacturer has some obstacles ahead, but believes it will gradually overcome.

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