VIDEO: Stunning Interactive 3D Building Projection in Singapore

“Joy is BMW” campaign has arrived in Singapore. The German manufacturer has provided a true spectacle in the heart of the Asian state because they used two buildings as projection screens for the first 3D advertisement in Asia.

Joy is BMW Singapore 3D Commercial

In time, BMWCoop presented you many commercials telling you that “Joy is BMW”. It started with the first and the second commercials titled “BMW is Joy – Jump for Joy!”

The campaign continued with a new commercial, a more “agressive one” talking about the horsepower involved, it’s about “Joy is Racing”.

One of the latest commercials in the “Joy is BMW” campaign was “Joy is Futureproof”, where the Bavarian manufacturer tried to promote the character and the logic behind the ecological concepts that they are developing. Now, BMW needs to keep up with the new 3D technology, so, they have created an interactive 3D building projection in Singapore, in order to promote the “Joy is BMW” campaign. See the video in full hd below:

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