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VIDEO: BMW X6 Interceptor by Met-R

Here we have an update for a previous article about the vision of tuners from Met-R for the BMW X6. The kit created for BMW X6 is called Interceptor. In this post we’ll recap the main details and we’ll see together the video presentation for this masterpiece.

BMW X6 Interceptor by Met-R

Russian tuning house Met-R created a design package for the BMW X6 that was named Interceptor. The body kit was developed by the Zaur Khalilov designer with a special program and a milling machine controlled digital turned the drawings into real products. BMW X6 Interceptor received from the tuning house a new front bumper, a redesigned grille and an air deflector for the rear. Also, the rear bumper was redesigned and the side sills have been replaced.

BMW X6 Interceptor by Met-R

All of these changes give the Bavarian model a more aggressive aspect. For those who are interested to buy the tuning package from Mer-R, it costs 7840 euros, in the basic version, while the carbon fiber version costs 10,480 euros.

BMW X6 Interceptor by Met-R

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