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M Version of the BMW 1 Series officially confirmed

Finally there’s an end to all the rumors, guesses and estimates on the faith of the M badged version of the BMW 1 Series.

2012 BMW 135is on the Nurburgring

2012 BMW 135is on the Nurburgring

The confirmation came from Dr. Kay Segler, BMW M GmbH’s Managing Director and it took place in an interview given to German online magazine “Auto-News”.

It would seem than that all those spyshots of the BMW 1 Series prototype seen around the Nurburgring lots and lots of times and which had been rumored to be an M version of the BMW 1 Series E82 Coupe.

As to be expected, this model will not be sporting the M1 badge as that belongs only on the original M car and nothing else. Most likely it’ll be the 135i M or something of sorts but Segler did say that the car will be hitting the market around the second quarter of 2011. The production will be quite limited to start with.

While Mr. Segler wasn’t very generous with details this is still a set of good news that will probably fuel M fanatics and fans of the E82 until the car is actually available. One of the biggest sources for debate concerning this BMW will be what engine is going to power it. Most would say (same people who rumor the 135i M name) that it will be an upgraded version of the BMW 135i’s 3 liter turbocharged straight six engine.

2012 BMW 135is on the Nurburgring 2012 BMW 135is on the Nurburgring 2012 BMW 135is on the Nurburgring

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