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BMW 5 Series F10 scores 5 at EuroNCAP Safety Tests

Independent organization EuroNCAP presented today the results of the latest safety testing sessions under the new criteria. The tested models were Alfa Romeo Giulietta, BMW 5 Series F10 and Mazda CX-7 facelift. As usual, the experts from EuroNCAP have measured the Adult protection, the protection of children, pedestrian protection, the safety equipment to prevent accidents and rear impact protection.

Alfa Romeo Giulietta has become the most reliable compact model tested ever by the European organization and BMW 5 Series F10 is the first model to obtain the maximum score for the electronic support systems. Furthermore, the Mazda CX-7 facelift deeply disappointed and got only four stars for this test.

Mazda CX-7 has obtained the worst result of this session of the EuroNCAP test, it received only four stars in safety tests. Alfa Romeo Giulietta, the newest model made by the manufacturer from Milan, received five star EuroNCAP overall.

BMW 5 Series F10 received five stars in EuroNCAP safety tests. The model received 95% of the total points for occupant protection, 83% for child protection and 78% for pedestrian protection. We will be back soon with more details about the BMW 5 Series F10!

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