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BMW’s Adaptive Cruise Cotrol system tested by DEKRA

Specialists from DEKRA tested in world premiere the first adaptive cruise control system with Stop&Go from BMW in a situation that simulates a real accident, and the system presented a considerable improvement compared to an identical vehicle which uses it.

BMW Crash Test

Germans from DEKRA tested the effects of a drive system that automatically brakes if an accident occurs. The test was made in world premiere using real vehicles and involved two BMW 5 Series F10. The orange vehicle had the brake intervention system deactivated, while the black vehicle had the system active. The test made by people at DEKRA was conducted in collaboration with those from BMW and is a first step in testing under real conditions of such an active safety system and the different scenarios before an accident.

The new BMW 5 Series F10 offers as optional, like its older brother – 7 Series F01/02, a system that combines the autopilot with the warning and automatic braking function in case of accident. The people at BMW have called this system Active Cruise Control Stop&Go.

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