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Competition package for BMW M3 E92 Coupe

BMW M3 E92 performance model, in coupe version, receives a Competition package from the German manufacturer, which brings a new look but also improved settings. BMW is looking to broaden their offer of colors and accessories available for the M3 E92 with a new special package. The performance version received a Competition Pack, which will cost 3800 euros and which includes among others a completely new body color for the Bavarian range. Named Frozen Black, the hue of black is looking to individualize better the coupe version, which is available.

2011 BMW M3 E92 Coupe Competition Package

The Competition Kit proposes for customers a 10 mm lowered suspension and lighter alloy wheels. Improved appearance is complemented by a new stability control program and a new “Sport” mode, which uses the Electronic Damping Control system.

2011 BMW M3 E92 Coupe Competition Package

BMW thought also to a number of technical details, that can consistently reduce the CO2 emissions and the consumption. Thus, BMW M3 coupe go a Start-stop system, able to reduce the consumption and emission levels by 8%, and 24 g/km.

2011 BMW M3 E92 Coupe Competition Package

2011 BMW M3 E92 Coupe Competition Package

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